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If you're a circulation director or magazine publisher anywhere in the world, and want a new source of quality, paid circulation, we invite you to join us! MagazineCity is recognized as one of the top subscription sites on the web, with a broad audience of consumers and businesspeople around the world.

Subscription marketers for over 35 years and online since 1998, our original mission was to become a truly international, internet subscription clearinghouse and an indispensable tool for magazine readers and circulation professionals world-wide. Now, after millions of customers and tens of millions of dollars in subscription sales, that initial goal has been achieved. We never believed that the internet would lead to the repeal of the laws of gravity or the end of prudent business decision making: what we did recognize was that the world wide web represented a new and very efficient medium of sale that would benefit both consumers and publishers if designed, marketed and executed properly.

Many of our innovations have become industry standards. Magazine City was the first to offer custom gift cards, the first to put magazine packages together for businesses and consumers, the first to offer American Magazines Internationally and the first to offer some of the leading magazines from overseas to the American and international audience. We were the first website to offer both fabulous savings on consumer magazines, as well as free subscriptions to Professional Journals for qualified professionals, assuring an ever increasing reach into that very desirable demographic. Other exciting programs to increase sales on and offline are always in development, with a variety of online and offline partners.

What we don't do is equally important. We don't try to solicit customers with sweepstakes, free trials or premiums, and so our cancellation rate is well below 1% of sales. We never rent our list or allow our customers to be spammed, and we don't ever direct our email marketing efforts to any but our own customers, thereby eliminating potential publisher liability from mass spam. Every order generated is from a MagazineCity property or certified partner, and so there's never a question about how the order was sold or by whom.

Although our focus is on subscription sales, we've been in the business so long that we can provide solid referrals for Inbound and Outbound telemarketing services, PDS Sales, New or Renewal Subscription Acquisition, Newsstand or Circulation consultants, and much, much more.

If your magazine is not listed at Magazine City, you're missing out on a very cost effective and growing source of sale, no matter what your audience. We welcome your inquiries and participation, so drop us a line at and we'll get right to work to increase your advertising and circulation numbers.

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