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Print is dead, print is not dead. How will it survive? Most newspapers are in a death spiral, and magazines are wobbly at best. Which ones will survive, and why? Which titles are doomed, ready to join the graveyard of once popular titles. (Want to see the extent of the carnage? Click here to view The Magazine Graveyard.) In this section we share some of the news we hear, some of the doom and gloom, and yes, occasional bits of good news we learn about the once powerful world of magazine publishing.

Sporting News Magazine's Fuzzy Math: Sign of the Times, or Just a Last Gasp
Oct. 24
Current subscribers may not be happy

The East is Read
July 31
For magazines, the future maybe elsewhere

Update on the Al-Queda Publishing Empire
Apr 22
While Western publishers decline, Al-Queda expands their efforts.

A Magazine We're Not Likely to Offer Anytime Soon
Mar 15 2011
Beauty tips and dating advice from the bizzaro world of Al-Queda

Cosmo's Latest Conquest
12/10/2010 0:00:00
Cosmopolitan finds Fun, Fearless Females in the most unlikely places

National Lampoon, January 1973
11/20/2010 0:00:00
Once upon a time, in a decade far, far away, Magazine Publishing could be great fun - and the covers proved it.

Take a bite from the Apple, or let the Apple bite you?
9/20/2010 0:00:00
Publishers decide whether to dance with the devil or go it on their own.

The Journal vs. the Times
9/15/2010 0:00:00
The Wall Street Journal gets ready to thrash the "Newspaper of Record". See how the epic contest is perceived in Asia.

Good News, Bad News
9/10/2010 0:00:00
The first six Months of 2010 have been much kinder to the Publishing industry than the same period last year.

The Crisis at Newsweek
8/20/2010 0:00:00
Newsweek sells for $5.95 a copy at the store, $39.95 a year for a subscription. Or, you could just buy the whole company for $1.

The Naked Truth
8/15/2010 0:00:00
The circulation of this publishing icons fell to 1.63 million copies compared to 2.45 million a year earlier.

The East is Read

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