Our Simple Price and Service Guarantee

Guaranteed Savings with Low, Legitimate Pricing!

When you order subscriptions from TheNewMagazineCity, we guarantee you'll almost always realize significant savings over newsstand and subscription prices because our rates are among the lowest legitimate price available on the internet. We are authorized agents for hundreds of foreign and domestic publishers, and are constantly working to get the lowest possible rates: that's why you'll save as much as 92% on your favorite magazines. Occasionally publishers will offer very limited, short term promotional deals that differ slightly from the rates featured here, and if you think you have found a price that's better than ours, let us know: if it's from a legitimate source, we'll either match the price or do better. If it's not legitimate, we'll take action to make sure that other consumers don't get taken advantage of.

100% Satisfaction

We want you to be completely satisfied with your selection. If you discover that the magazine you are receiving has not met your expectations, please let us know. We will credit your account for the unserved issues and help you find a title of comparable value that is more to your liking.

Guaranteed Delivery

Sometimes, there can be postal problems or other difficulties that will affect your service, but we pledge to stand by and guarantee full delivery of every last issue. If you have any problems just let us know, and we'll get right to work and fix the problem, then we'll either replace the specific copies you missed, or credit your service with extra issues to make up for it.

Legitimate Pricing

When we speak of legitimate pricing, what we mean are authorized offers. Sometimes on the internet you'll see offers for discount subscriptions and other products that appear too good to be true... and they often are. The magazine publishers control their product and their pricing and they're not about to let a quality product go for $3.95 a year as is advertised on some sites. In this industry, profits are made from the advertising revenue, and the more people that read a particular magazine, the more that will be charged for the ads. Of course, the advertisers are looking for quality, paid circulation, and if a subscription is sold below a certain minimum price, it doesn't count. The advertisers may not credit the publisher for a paid subscription, and sometimes the publisher will not honor orders submitted by bandit agents. The agent disappears, some customers may lose their money, and everybody suffers. These are best practices as agreed upon by the Audit Bureau of Circulations and followed by all reputable publishers and agencies.

We can only compete with legitimate authorized prices, and so our guarantee does not apply to unauthorized or out-of-date offers that are not currently authorized by the publisher. The guarantee applies to publisher-authorized offers available to the general consumer on the internet. It does not extend to non publisher-authorized offers; offers for which publisher authorization has expired; offers published in locations other than the internet; offers published on dial-up services other than the internet; offers not available to the general public, such as professional, institutional, or educational offers; or offers originating outside the United States.

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