Open Your Own Newstand! If you've got a website, you're in business!

When you become a newsstand associate of MagazineCity, you'll enhance the value of your site and begin earning a commissions as high as 60% right away, with special incentives for top producers! Our program is the best in the industry, because we've teamed up with Commission Junction to provide our affiliates with trusted third-party tracking, real-time reporting, and monthly commission checks. Best of all, it's quick and it's free, and within minutes you'll be able to:

  • Start selling over 1,500 of the worlds most popular magazines magazines directly from your own site.
  • Earn substantial fees on every sale for up to 45 days after your traffic first visits MagazineCity.
  • Get a check every month.
  • Check your statistics and earnings on-line every day.
  • Guarantee the lowest legitimate prices on the internet.
  • Earn commissions on international sales.
  • Know that your customers will always receive the best prices, service and selection available.

Adding a newsstand component to your site will make it more valuable to visitors with its one-stop shopping convenience. It's easy to get started. Just fill out the convenient online application, or keep reading for more details. If your ambition extends beyond the desire to add magazines to an existing site, you may be more interested in the business opportunities presented by City Circulation Group LLC, a related company. CCG offers a complete subscription agency program including stand alone web sites as well as opportunities for direct marketers.

More information and answers to frequently asked questions:

There are several ways your site will profit. You have the choice of earning maximum commissions with a link that will give your visitors access to the entire MagazineCity database through a new browser window, or by building an online newsstand that you can plug right into your own site if you want to feature only selected titles. Either way, you'll earn top commissions on every click through that originates from your site, and on every magazine that's sold as a result of a visit that originates from your site. You'll get a choice of banners and links to help drive traffic and even a search box that links to the extensive MagazineCity data base to further maximize your sales and profits.

Now you can profit by offering the lowest rates on something everyone enjoys. To join up today and start earning tomorrow, just read over the faq's below, just fill out the online application.

What is MagazineCity?

MagazineCity is the flagship website operated by LLC, and one of the recognized leaders in the online subscription marketplace since 1998. MagazineCity combines the talent and experience of individuals who have worked with major publishers marketing magazine subscriptions in traditional ways for over 25 years, together with a unique insight into internet commerce and what the international consumer demands from the web. Unlike most of our competitors, we are debt free, highly skilled, experienced and consistently profitable.

Why do you want customers from my site? Magazine subscriptions are unique in that they they appeal to every interest group. Whether your content is related to animals or automobiles, fashion or finance, there are magazines that are germane to that subject. Chances are your visitors will appreciate a source for publications they like on the specific information you provide, and by working together, not only will we both profit, but your visitors will gain by access to a low cost source for their favorite magazines.

What do I get out of this? In addition to an important new revenue stream, you'll add content that will literally add value to your site. You can simply refer visitors to us with general links, but you'll likely earn more if you actually feature specific titles.

How can I check on my sales? All associate newsstand partners become part of the Commission Junction marketing network, with a sophisticated suite of tools that will allow you to check traffic, click throughs, sales and earnings that resulted from your site.

Why wouldn't I just deal direct with the magazine publishers? There are so many magazines available and so many different publishers to work with, that those relationships can be very difficult to develop and maintain, and handling the back end details can be challenging. MagazineCity has been in the business a long time, and we know just where to get the best prices and how to ensure quality service.

Will you accept orders from my customers if they are outside of the United States? Absolutely! Rates are always higher for international delivery because of the extra postage charges, but in most cases the magazines available on our site can be sent anywhere in the world. You'll earn full commissions whether the sale is for domestic or international delivery.

Am I guaranteed acceptance into the program? No. Anyone can submit an application, but we do reserve the right to pick and choose our partners based upon web site review.

When do I get paid? Unlike many web associate programs, that pay quarterly or even less frequently, MagazineCity and Commission Junction believe that affiliates deserve timely payment, and so checks are issued within ten days of the month's end, no matter how big or small the commissions due.

OK, it sounds good. How do I get started? Just click here. You can be up and running in less than ten minutes, and then you'll get your first commission check within ten days after the end of the first full month of business.

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