The Audit Bureau of Circulations

The ABC was launched in 1914 in response to advertiser demand for independent verification of the claims made by the advertising sales teams of newspapers and magazines.  Audited circulation became necessary because publishers needed independent verification of their circulation to provide a basis for advertising rates. Advertisers as well as advertising agencies need to be assured their print advertising decisions are based upon credible, independently verified circulation data.

Audit Bueau of Circulations


As a member of the ABC, TheNewMagazineCity only offers subscriptions at rates directly authorized by the publishers. Because advertisers are looking for quality, paid circulation, if a subscription is sold below a certain minimum price, it will not count as paid circulation.  The advertisers may not credit the publisher for a paid subscription, and the publisher may not honor orders submitted by bandit agents.  The agency disappears, customers may lose their money, and everybody suffers. Very few of the websites offering subscriptions on the internet actually deal directly with the publishers: fewer still belong to the ABC. 

The ABC provides exactly this type of audited circulation information to both the buyers and sellers of advertising space. The ABC is dedicated to being the world's pre-eminent self-regulatory auditing organization, responsible to advertisers, advertising agencies, and the media they use, for the independent verification and dissemination of their members' circulation, readership, and audience information. As the leading internet supplier of magazine subscriptions, TheNewMagazineCity is proud to be a member of, and fully supports the ABC's mission and by-laws.


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