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9/15/2010 0:00:00

Two of the largest circulation newspapers in the United States are girding for an epic battle which will pit the world's most successful media entrepreneur, Rupert Murdoch against the Times family scion, "Pinch" Suzberger. Here's how the Taiwanese percieve the clash

Founded and Published in New York since 1951, the New York Times was once considered the "Newspaper of Record", with it's irrevocable leftward bias and documented cases of false reporting over the last few years, it's reputation has been tarnished. Now third in Circulation behind the Wall Street Journal and USA Today, The Times had a circulation of 1.2 million daily in 1993.

In April of this year the last year the Times reported their weekday circulation now hovers at 950,000 while the The Wall Street Journal reported an increase of 0.5 percent, the only newspaper among the 25 largest to experience a weekday increase. The WSJ is the unabashed circulation champion, boasting a total readership of 2.1 million daily. Now, Rupert Murdoch has given his blessing for the Journal, which he purchased in 2008 to go after the Times on their home territory by going head to head with it's Greater New York section, but in an article in Vanity Fair this month, Times editor Bill Keller is quoted as saying that the New York section is "a small-town news section in a big city."

Ooohh - snarky...

Murdoch is reviled by the left, who has had success from Australia, to the U.K. and finally America because of his conservative positions and the success of Fox News, which crushes all competition in cable news ratings. By comparison, Sulzberger was immersed in the 1960s counter-culture, and was twice arrested in anti-Vietnam War demonstrations. During this era, his father "Punch" Sulzberger asked his activist son, "If an American soldier runs into a North Vietnamese soldier, which would you like to see get shot?" "I would want to see the American get shot," replied the young man. "It's the other guy's country."

The Timesmen enjoy disdaining Murdoch and his conservative empire, but it seems clear that it is the Journal that is most closely attuned to 2010 America's center right tone.

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