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12/10/2010 0:00:00

Like Cosmopolitan Magazine?  You're not alone.   Cosmo has been helping women all over the world unlock the secrets to better sex, better abs and the enigmatic male psyche for four decades, began selling a Mongolia edition this month. Cosmopolitan is the world's largest-selling magazine for youngCosmoplitan Mongolia women, and the premiere of the Mongolian edition in December 2010 represented the 61st international edition of the magazine to launch around the world.   Each issue will cost 7,000 Mongolian tugriks, or about $6.50, so save your tugriks. The initial print run is expected to be about 7,000 copies. By the way, previous to this, the brand's most recent launch was in Vietnam in March 2010.

In announcing the launch, Hearst Magazines International (HMI) President & CEO Duncan Edwards had this to say:  "With eleven successful editions in Asia already, the Cosmopolitan brand has resonated very well with the women in this region of the world. We're pleased to be partnering with Irmuun Media to bring the Cosmo voice to the Mongolian market."

Who knew there was a Mongolian Market?

The magazine's debut issue, featuring Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls on its cover, will be 160 pages, about 25 percent of them advertising. On December 7th and 8th, there was a launch event for the magazine in Mongolia's capital Ulaanbaatar, consisting of a two-day show for 14,000 Cosmo readers, followed by a VIP party.

Who knew they had VIP parties in Mongolia?

The New York Times opined "International editions are not without potential complications. Cosmopolitan editors have to be careful in many countries to tone down some of the more explicit sexual content that is common in Western editions. And because Cosmopolitan is published in many languages, editors at Hearst can never be certain what exactly is appearing in their magazines. But they monitor what they can."

"We don't have the ability to read every edition in every language," Mr. Edwards said. "We select editions from time to time and have sections translated."

After Mongolia, could Cosmo Turkmenistan be far off? Possibly. "We are looking at countries in Central Asia," Mr. Edwards said. But not every country is a good fit, he acknowledged. "Pakistan is probably difficult. But we do publish in countries that are predominantly Muslim. There's Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey."

Who knew Pakistan could be difficult?

Captain John Smith

contributed by Captain Edward John Smith

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