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African Sporting Gazette is Africa's premier hunting magazine. Africa is home to the largest (elephant), tallest (giraffe), and fastest (cheetah), most challenging and beautiful game that there is to hunt anywhere in the world. For hunting the smallest of antelope or the famous "Big Five," the Dark Continent has long been the dream destination of hunters over the decades. From cover to cover, ASG reveals a world of hunting that is only available on the great continent of Africa. With award-winning photography and printed in full color on high gloss paper, every issue of the Sporting Gazette profiles the very best of Africa. For hunters who wish to remember and those who have only dreamt of Africa, African Sporting Gazette serves as the best source of information on where to go, sport availability, and the equipment that hunters should use. With editorial features that examine the challenges of managing wildlife as a sustainable resource and the relationship between Africa and its people, and so much more, African Sporting Gazette presents all aspects of African hunting.

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